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 About my collecting
Collecting DM...  People who try to collect everything have a tough time and will properly end up in the so-called collection hell! You will never be close to your goal. There will always be so many things missing in your collection, which means that it will give you more pain than pleasure. Therefore I think it's important that you have a realistic goal. My goal has always been: to have everything released in the UK. Everything means 7" singles, 12" singles, CD singles, albums on both vinyl and CD. I don't collect cassettes. IMO the UK releases are most original since DM is a British band and Mute Records are their real record company. Since the start there have been special artwork on the vinyl labels, but only on the UK releases. German, Dutch and US releases just put on a standard label and that sucks. Sometimes the UK releases also have a special innersleeve with lyrics, pictures and other great stuff. The soundquality is also a lot better on the UK releases. Okay the Japanese vinyl do have a fantastic sound quality!. With the CDs it's more difficult to say, but I still think the sound quality is better on the UK releases. I always try to collect first editions, and normally it means you have study the matrix codes very close. The recent years the US releases have also been attractive to collect, because of mixes not available on other releases. Besides the UK releases I also collect releases with from all over the world with different versions or different artwork. The number of Depeche Mode promos is almost as high as the commercially releases, and they are very collectable, since some of them even have unreleased versions. I am also collecting testpressings from UK, but only if the price is right.
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