Submitting images guide lines
If you want to submit images to existing items please use the "submit info" link on the right side of the item header. Then it's easier for me to find the right item in the database.

Please name all the images with a clear description. It's not easy for me if you name them 1.jpg and 2.jpg. Remember to let me know if I shall NOT use your name or nick, if you for some reason wants to be anonymous. I'd like for everyone to use these new guidelines so that everything looks a little more cohesive. The steps below are pretty simple, so you should be able to apply them to whatever graphics editing program you prefer. For the best result please don't scan cds and cd sleeves with the jewelcases.
  1. I like to scan at min. 200 dpi.

  2. If the image is skew please rotate it so it's as straight as possible.

  3. Crop the image.

  4. Please be sure that the height is min 650 pixels (or min width 980 pixels).

  5. Save the image as a JPG (JPEG) with some compression. This is a little difficult to explain since each program measures compression differently, but use enough that the image is a reasonable size (100-200 KB) and but still looks nice. I use PhotoShop and a JPG compression level of 8 usually produces pretty good results. Sometimes level 9 or 10 gives visual better results, especially if there is red color in the image, so please judge yourself.

Feel free to scan whatever additional features or inserts you'd like. I can't promise to use everything, but I'll consider everything. As some of the scans already listed are old and some not in fantastic quality, you are more than welcome to send me replacing scans in better quality. The same goes with the many scans that are from ebay. Thank you for your help!

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