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RTU: Center, Dallas, United States · 2xCD
Label..................LiveHereNowRelease date.........2009
Distributor..........Manufactured by...
Catalog #...........290809 DMLHNCD79Packaging............Clear jewel case
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CD 2

 A1.In ChainsLive 20098:17
2.WrongLive 20093:44
3.Hole To FeedLive 20093:59
4.Walking In My ShoesLive 20096:27
5.It's No GoodLive 20095:01
6.A Question Of TimeLive 20094:42
7.PreciousLive 20094:43
8.Fly On The WindscreenLive 20095:34
9.JezebelLive 20094:48
10.JudasLive 2009
 B1.Miles Away - The Truth IsLive 20094:32
2.Policy Of TruthLive 20095:07
3.In Your RoomLive 20095:41
4.I Feel YouLive 20095:52
5.Enjoy The SilenceLive 20097:12
6.Never Let Me Down AgainLive 200910:16
7.StrippedLive 20095:18
8.Master And ServantLive 20094:20
9.StrangeloveLive 20097:01
10.Personal JesusLive 20096:20
11.Waiting For The NightLive 20095:48 the Top
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