We are pleased to offer our merchandise to the wide public, after we have met the demands of our site purchasers. Since today you are available to obtain Official Depmod Merchandise Product without being a Depmod Member.

Current offer is:

Item: Depmod Cup - 0.5l

Price: 3,00€ per cup

Max Order: 4 pcs due to packaging limits

Postage: Germany - 4,50€, EU - 9,00€, World - 16,00€

No Tracking nor insurance. Tracking would be 2,50€ extra for EU and 4,00€ for World.


Fee: 5% for countries not having Euro as local currency with payment as “friend” is obligatory

With payment please provide valid mail address for shipping address follow up any open points.

Shipped in custom made cartoon box for safer delivery, which have been obtained for the purpose of cups!

Important notification: German Post had to follow EU Regulations - shipping fees are highly increased since 2019.
Link to DHL - Paeckchen M - outlet pricing

We really appreciate your support!
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