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 Route 66 - Behind The Wheel
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Mega-Single Mix (4:15)

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Remixed by Ivan Ivan
Available on commercial CD / DVD releases 
Only available on non-UK/EU releases 
Mega-Single Mix4:15Behind The WheelNo Cat #USAPromoMC1
Mega-Single Mix4:15Behind The Wheel92 79917CANPromo7"1B
Mega-Single Mix4:22Behind The WheelPRO-CD-2953USAPromoCD3
Mega-Single Mix4:15Behind The Wheel7-27991USAPromo7"1B
Mega-Single Mix4:15Behind The Wheel27991-4USAMC2A
Mega-Single Mix4:15Behind The Wheel7-27991USA7"1B
Mega-Single Mix4:19Just Say Yo9 25745-2USACD4
Mega-Single Mix4:1591X5TH Anniversary SamplerPRO-CD-3300USAPromoCD12
Mega-Single Mix4:15KROQ 10th Anniversary SamplerPRO-CD-3298USACD12
Audio versions
 Mega-Single Mix (4:15)

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