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Video (4:07)

To the Top

Not available on commercial CD / DVD releases 
Video4:07FreeloveNo Cat #UKPromoBETACAM1
Video4:07FreeloveNo Cat #UKPromoVHS1
VideoVideo Singles Collection88985309169EU3xDVD1C
VideoVideo Singles Collection88985383339USA3xDVD1C
VideoVideo Singles Collection88985377869AUS3xDVD1C
VideoVideo Singles Collection88985383339MEX3xDVD1C
Video Live 2001To the Top
Directed by Anton Corbijn
Available on commercial CD / DVD releases 
Video Live 2001FreeloveNo Cat #UKPromoVHS1
Video Live 2001One Night In Paris - The Exciter Tour 2001 / The Videos 86>98+724359996097FRA4xDVD11A
One Night In ParisDVDSTUMM190EUDVD11A
One Night In Paris4400180659USAPromo2xDVD11A
One Night In ParisB0005892-77USAUMD11A
One Night In ParisPDVDStumm190UKPromo2xDVD11A
One Night In ParisDMUMD1EUUMD11A
One Night In Paris5016025583133EUVHS11A
One Night In ParisMF041UKVHS11A
One Night In Paris5016025583133RUSVHS11A
One Night In Paris5016025811909SOUTH-A2xDVD11A
One Night In Paris5016025111909BRA2xDVD11A
One Night In Paris5016025111909ARG2xDVD11A
One Night In ParisTOBW-92009-10JAPAN2xDVD11A
One Night In Paris4400180659USA2xDVD11A
One Night In Paris88883750839EU2xDVD11A
One Night In ParisLDMDVD1EU2xDVD11A
One Night In ParisLDMDVD1EU2xDVD11A
One Night In ParisLDMDVD1EU2xDVD11A
One Night In Paris5016025011902EU2xDVD11A
One Night In ParisDVDStumm190SCAN2xDVD11A
One Night In Paris391.0190.075BENELUX2xDVD11A
One Night In Paris440 018 063-9CAN2xDVD11A
One Night In ParisDVDStumm190UK2xDVD11A
Video versions
 Live "Bootleg" Video (6:57)
 Video (4:07)
 Video Live 2001

Audio versions
 Album Version
 Bascombe Remix No. 3
 Bertrand Burgalat Remix
 Console Remix
 Deep Dish Drums On Verse 2
 Deep Dish Dub Mix
 Deep Dish Freedom Dub
 Deep Dish Freedom Dub Edit
 Deep Dish Freedom Remix
 Deep Dish Freedom Remix [PP Bootleg Edit]
 Deep Dish Freedom Vocal Edit
 Deep Dish No Drums On Verse 2
 Deep Dish Remix
 DJ Muggs Remix
 DJ Muggs Remix (Rough)
 Flood Mix
 Johnny Dollar Mix
 Josh Wink Dub Mix
 Josh Wink Instrumental interpretation
 Josh Wink Vocal Interpretation
 Josh Wink Vocal Interpretation [Not Mastered]
 Live 2001 Paris
 Powder Productions Remix
 Schlammpeitziger "Little Rocking Suction Pump" Version
 Steve Osborne Mix

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To the Top
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