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 It's Called A Heart
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Directed by Peter Care
Not available on commercial CD / DVD releases 
Some Great VideosSM058-3062JAPANLD9
Some Great VideosBVLP-97JAPANLD9
Some Great Videos38124-6USALD9
Some Great VideosNo cat #MEXBETAMAX9
Some Great VideosVVD 103UKBETAMAX9
Some Great VideosVC103USAPromoVHS9
Some Great Videos38124-3USAVHS9
Some Great VideosBVVP-97JAPANVHS9
Some Great Videos7432114973-3GERVHS9
Some Great VideosVVD 103SWEVHS9
Some Great Videos7432114973-3FRAVHS9
Some Great Videos10.010FRAVHS9
Some Great Videos7432114973-3UKVHS9
Some Great Videos74321014973-3AUSVHS9
Some Great VideosODM-1052JAPANVHD9
Some Great VideosBVVP-97JAPANPromoVHS9
Some Great VideosVIR132AUSVHS9
Some Great VideosVVD103UKVHS9
Some Great Videos 81>85101858AUSVHS9
Some Great Videos 81>85MF34BENELUXVHS9
Some Great Videos 81>855028157200871FRAVHS9
Some Great Videos 81>85INT 4 92 155 3GERVHS9
Some Great Videos 81>85MF034UKVHS9
Some Great Videos 81>85TOVW-3294JAPANVHS9
Some Great Videos 81>85MFD 34SIVCD9
VideoVideo Singles Collection88985309169EU3xDVD13A
VideoVideo Singles Collection88985383339USA3xDVD13A
VideoVideo Singles Collection88985377869AUS3xDVD13A
VideoVideo Singles Collection88985383339MEX3xDVD13A
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