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Front sleeveConstruction Time AgainNYR-11130PHILPAlbum
Front sleeve #1People Are People656.480-4URMCAlbum
Side A #1People Are People656.480-4URMCAlbum
Side B #1People Are People656.480-4URMCAlbum
Label AMusic For The MassesStumm47UKLPAlbumMayking testpressing
Sleeve101Stumm101UKMCAlbumPromo MC
Side A101Stumm101UKMCAlbumPromo MC
Front sleeveSongs Of Faith And DevotionCSTUMM106SPAINMCAlbumNumbered demo tape
Side ASongs Of Faith And DevotionCSTUMM106SPAINMCAlbumNumbered demo tape
SleeveSongs Of Faith And DevotionDCC STUMM 106UKDCCAlbum
OberviewSongs Of Faith And Devotion920668GTMLPAlbum
Back sleeve detailSongs Of Faith And Devotion920-668-1COLPAlbum
Label ASongs Of Faith And Devotion LiveNo Cat #GERMCAlbumPromo
ContentUltra Promo BoxBX Stumm148UKBoxAlbumPromo Box
CD #2Exciter2-47960USACD-RAlbumPromo
Front sleeve #2ExciterPCDStumm190UKCDAlbumPromo Sampler
Back sleeve #2ExciterPCDStumm190UKCDAlbumPromo Sampler
Front insert 1Remixes 81-04No cat #UK3xCD-RAlbumInhouse cdrs with security labels
Front insert 2Remixes 81-04No cat #UK3xCD-RAlbumInhouse cdrs with security labels
Front insert 3Remixes 81-04No cat #UK3xCD-RAlbumInhouse cdrs with security labels
Front sleeveBlack Swarm - Dark CloudNo Cat #USACD-RAlbumPTA promo with different name
InsertBlack Swarm - Dark CloudNo Cat #USACD-RAlbumPTA promo with different name
CDBlack Swarm - Dark CloudNo Cat #USACD-RAlbumPTA promo with different name
Label AGet The Balance RightSPCO-7421SPAIN12"SinglePromo
Front insertEverything CountsYD662ITA7"SinglePromo
Front sleeve 1People Are PeopleRUS111ELSAL7"Single
Label APeople Are PeopleRUS111ELSAL7"Single
Label ABlasphemous Rumours12Bong7UK12"SingleMayking Testpessing
Front sleeveBlasphemous Rumours785007FRAMCSingle
Front sleeveBlasphemous RumoursOC-EP-17034PHI12"Single
Label AIt's Called A HeartNEW-9267PHI7"Single
Front sleeveBut Not TonightOC-EP-17103PHI12"Single
Front sleeveNever Let Me Down AgainOC-EP-17168PHI12"Single
Label ABehind The WheelNo Cat #USAAcetateSingleSterling Sound 10" acetate
Front sleeveBehind The Wheel20858-4USAMCSingle
Back sleeveBehind The Wheel20858-4USAMCSingle
Side ABehind The Wheel20858-4USAMCSingle
Front sleeveBehind The Wheel27991-4USAMCSingle
Back sleeveBehind The Wheel27991-4USAMCSingle
Side ABehind The Wheel27991-4USAMCSingle
Front sleeveBehind The WheelMUTEP-17204PHI12"Single
Side BStrangelove4-27777USAMCSingle
StickerPolicy Of TruthBong19RUKCDSinglePromo
Front sleeveWorld In My Eyes90641FRA7"SinglePromo / Juke Box
Label AWalking In My ShoesNo cat #FRA7"SingleTestpressing
DetailWalking In My ShoesPC-0048PHI7"SinglePromo
BarcodeBarrel Of A Gun181/FPOLMCSingle
Front sleeveIt's No GoodNo Cat #USACD-RSinglePromo, BRAT Edits
CDIt's No GoodNo Cat #USACD-RSinglePromo, BRAT Edits
Front sleeve #2Dream OnCDBong30UKCDSingle
Back sleeve #2Dream OnCDBong30UKCDSingle
Front sleeveI Feel LovedNo Cat Remix Contest Winners
Front sleeveI Feel LovedRCDBong31UKCDSinglePromo
CDEnjoy The SilenceNo Cat #DKCD-RSinglePromo, 3 tracks
Front insertEnjoy The Silence·04CDBONG34UKCD-RSinglePromo, 1 track, "Reinterpreted"
CDEnjoy The Silence·04CDBONG34UKCD-RSinglePromo, 1 track, "Reinterpreted"
DVDPreciousNo Cat #USADVD-RSinglePromo
Front insertA Pain That I'm Used ToBong36UKCD-RSingle11 trk CD-R Promo
CDWrongPCDBONG40USACD-RSingleFrankie Knuckles Remixes
Front sleeveHITAKTIV 85/86INT 492.578GERMCCompilationPromo sampler cassette
Front sleeveHITAKTIV Mrz '86INT 492.583GERMCCompilationPromo sampler cassette
Front sleeveHITAKTIV Mai '86INT 492.585GERMCCompilationPromo sampler cassette
CD (I)Summer Tour '94 cd SamplerPRO-CD-6950USACDSamplersRadio promo sampler
Front sleeveDJ-Kicks: Andrea ParkerK77071lpGER3x12"Compilation
Back sleevePlayground Music Sampler Week 27No Cat #DKCD-RCompilation15 trk compilation promo sampler
Front insertPole - Selected Pole WorksNo Cat #GERCD-RCompilationWith unleased Pole remix!
Front insertCounterfeit²No cat #UKCD-RMartin Gore soloPromo, Individually numbered
CDCounterfeit²PR223AUSCD-RMartin Gore soloPromo, no p/s
Front insetBottle LivingMUTE310UKCD-RDave Gahan soloPromo, 10 tracks
Back insertBottle LivingMUTE310UKCD-RDave Gahan soloPromo, 10 tracks
Front sleeveHourglassNo cat #UKCD-RDave Gahan soloEncoded cdr with name and number
Front sleeveBest 231SA4105FRAMCInterviewInterview tape
Side BBest 231SA4105FRAMCInterviewInterview tape
Front sleeveSome Great VideosODM-1052JAPANVHDVideo46 minutes
Back sleeveSome Great VideosODM-1052JAPANVHDVideo46 minutes
InsertSome Great VideosODM-1052JAPANVHDVideo46 minutes
VHDSome Great VideosODM-1052JAPANVHDVideo46 minutes
StickerSome Great VideosODM-1052JAPANVHDVideo46 minutes
Front sleeveDevotional970372-2USA2xDVDVideoNTSC, Region 1
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