Depeche Mode Discography Update
 Update 12-09-2005
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 AddedConstruction Time Again23900-4USAMCAlbumSire
 AddedConstruction Time Again23900-1USALPAlbumSire
 AddedBlack Swarm - Dark ForceNo Cat #UKCD-RAlbumMutePTA promo with different name
 AddedPlaying The AngelLCDStumm260EUSACDAlbumMuteDeluxe edition with Bonus DVD
 AddedPlaying The AngelStumm260EU2xLPAlbumMute
 AddedPreciousNo Cat #USACD-RSingleWB RecordsPromo, 8 trk incl. instrumental version
 AddedPole - Selected Pole WorksNo Cat #GERCD-RCompilationScape MusicWith unleased Pole remix!
 Added101DMDVD3UK2xDVDVideoMute Film
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