Depeche Mode Discography Update
 Update 09-01-2006
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 AddedBlack CelebrationCDSTUMM 46026BENELUXCDAlbumIndisc
 AddedMusic For The MassesCD STUMM46047BECDAlbumIndiscReissue
 Added101CDVIRD 611SA2xCDAlbumRISA
 AddedThe Singles 81>85CDVIR 551SACDAlbumRISA
 AddedRemixes 81·0477-13RUSCDAlbumSBA/GALA Records
 AddedEnjoy The SilenceTIL 601ARG12"SingleToCo Int.
 AddedClient - CityTH007CDEUCDGore miscToast HawaiiTrack with vocals by Martin Gore
 AddedJunkie XL Radio JXLRR 8380-8EU2xCDGahan miscRoadrunner Records
 AddedPaper MonstersCDVIR 664SACDDave Gahan soloRISA
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