Depeche Mode Discography Update
 Update 10-05-2017
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 AddedSpirit8898541168-2ARGCDAlbumColumbia - MutePromo
 AddedSpirit88985411682MEXCDAlbumColumbia - Mute
 AddedWorld In My EyesNo Cat #UKVHSSingleMutePromo 1trk VHS
 AddedWorld In My EyesL12Bong20UKAcetateSingleMuteAcetate
 AddedWorld In My EyesR2 78893BUSACDSingleRepriseFrom Box set DMBX5 (26)
 AddedWorld In My EyesALCB-159JAPANCDSingleAlfa RecordsPromo
 AddedWorld In My EyesINT 826.945GERCDSingleIntercord Ton GmbHReissue
 AddedWorld In My Eyes5016025630202EUCDSingleMute - Labels - VirginReissue
 AddedWorld In My EyesINT 826.945GERCDSingleIntercord Ton GmbHReissue
 AddedWorld In My Eyes92 17350CAN12"SingleSire/Reprise
 AddedWorld In My EyesX14943AUS12"SingleLiberation Rec.
 AddedWorld In My Eyes12Bong20UK12"SingleMuteReissue
 AddedI Feel YouBong21UK7"SingleMuteWL Testpressing
 AddedI Feel YouNo Cat #UKVHSSingleTVPPromo 1tr. VHS
 AddedI Feel YouD43CO7"SingleToCo Int.Promo
 AddedI Feel YouNo Cot #USAAcetateSingleWarner Bros.Acetate
 AddedI Feel YouNo Cot #UKAcetateSingleabbey roadAcetate
 AddedI Feel YouNo Cot #UKAcetateSingleabbey roadAcetate
 AddedI Feel YouINT 411.911GERMCSingleIntercord Ton GmbH
 AddedI Feel You91 86004CANMCSingleSire/Reprise
 AddedI Feel YouC11397AUSMCSingleLiberation Rec.
 AddedI Feel YouR2 78893CUSACDSingleRepriseFrom Box set DMBX5 (27)
 AddedI Feel You5016025630219EUCDSingleMute - Labels - VirginReissue
 AddedI Feel YouALCB 721JAPANCDSingleAlfa RecordsPromo
 AddedI Feel YouLCDBONG46121CSCDSingleMute - CS
 AddedI Feel YouLBong1246121CS12"SingleMute - CS
 AddedI Feel YouLBong1246121BE12"SingleIndisc
 AddedI Feel You12 BONG 21CS12"SingleMute - CS
 AddedI Feel YouCDBONG46021CSCDSingleMute - CS
 AddedI Feel YouINT 826.750GERCDSingleIntercord Ton GmbHReiusse
 AddedI Feel YouBong 1246021BE12"SingleIndisc
 AddedI Feel You7CDBONG21CSCDSingleMute - CS
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