Depeche Mode Discography Update
 Update 21-02-2018
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 AddedPeople Are People145059, 656480-4CHILEMCAlbumToCo Int.
 AddedPeople Are PeopleW4-25124 542209CCANMCAlbumSireColumbia House edition
 AddedPeople Are PeopleW4-25124USAMCAlbumSireColumbia House edition
 AddedPeople Are PeoplePKH-3092JAPANMCAlbumWarner-Pioneer
 AddedPeople Are PeopleW2 25124 542209TCANCDAlbumSireColumbia House edition
 AddedPeople Are PeopleD101912USACDAlbumBMG Direct MarketingBMG edition
 AddedPeople Are PeopleW2 25127USACDAlbumSireColumbia House edition
 AddedPeople Are PeopleW1-25124-1USALPAlbumSireColumbia House edition
 AddedSome Great VideosODM-1052JAPANVHDVideoVirgin Video46 minutes
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