• CD-R
  • 14-05-2001
  • 13 Song(s)
  • 56m 16s

General Info

Original Realease Date: 14-05-2001

  • Promo

Variation / Barcode / Matrix

  • Variation 1

    White disc


    Matrix Code Mould Sid Code Mastering Sid Code
  • Variation 2

    Silver disc, but design of disc and front insert seems identical to #1


    Matrix Code Mould Sid Code Mastering Sid Code


Watermarked Security Service CD-R (name + barcode).
All these CD-Rs are individually marked. A glitch somewhere in the music is intentional and is a watermark. Those "glitches" are sofisticated made. With software like Soundforge or Cool Edit Pro you can open up the wav and zoom in on the glitch. You will see a series of small anomalies, like more than one glitch, really close to each other (so they sound like just one). These patterns are the watermarks - each disc has a unique set. The CD-Rs were sent out to journalist, and the like, and had their name printed on the CD (on the left), and under the bar code a number (the number to match the Barcode number). The top of CD-R is glossy.