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Songs Of Faith And Devotion

Promo Wooden Box with Golden Plaque

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  • 22-03-1993
  • 1 Song(s)
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Original Release Date: 22-03-1993

  • Promo



Made by the french Record company "for promotional use only". 23.5 x 15 x 7.5 cm heavy wood box including the following items :
1 CD "Songs Of Faith And Devotion" (Vogue 74321132562)
1 secam VHS videotape "Depeche Mode in conversation with Mr. Gambaccini" (english speaking with french subtitles)
1 french book "Biographie" (21 x 13 cm - 12 pages)
The box is mentioned in a story in a french magazine called "rock & folk" where they explain all the marketing plan for SOFAD).