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The Singles 86>98

The Singles 81>98

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  • 28-09-1998
  • 1 Song(s)
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General Info

Original Release Date: 28-09-1998


Variation / Barcode / Matrix

  • Variation 1

    Barcode: 5 016025 68024

    Matrix Code Mould Sid Code Mastering Sid Code
    1 CD1: DADC Austria A0100253409-0102 11 A4
    2 CD2: DADC Austria A0100253409-0202 21 A4
  • Variation


    Matrix Code Mould Sid Code Mastering Sid Code


Matt/Glossy limited edition cardboard box. Same release for Scandinavia and Benelux. The cd's inside the box sold in Scandinavia are Playground Music cd's, the discs are "manufactured by optimal media production".
Another interesting fact about the box is the see through stickers that are on every side of the spine except the right spine. You can see it hinted if you look closely on the scan of the spine On the left spine (scanned below) it says: "Depeche Mode The Singles 81>98" Both the top and lower spines have the same see through sticker text: dm Depeche Mode The Singles 81>98 LCDMUTEL5