Japan Japan


  • 2xCD
  • 19-03-1990
  • 17 Song(s)
  • 1h 26m 2s

General Info

Original Realease Date: 19-03-1990


Incl. bonus CD, calendar, booklet and 2 inserts.
The Enjoy The Silence bonus disc is mispressed with Ecstatic Dub instead of Hand And Feet Mix. So both track 2 and 3 is the Ecstatic Dub, but track 3 is the 8 seconds shorter edit (without the "ess" in the begining). The bonus disc was later released in a b/w cardboard sleeve with the Hand And Feet Mix.

To be 100% complete, the contents should be:
double jewel case + obi
one side with violator cd ALCB-33
+ english color booklet
+ japanese b/w booklet
+ a postcard to fill ind and send to Mute
+ a tissue for protection between cd and booklets
other side with promo cd Y12-3
=+ a sheet with ETS blue cover on one side and japanese tracklisting on other side, saying also 'not for sale Y12-3'
+ a b/w 20 pages booklet wich is a 1991 diary with photos from Anton Corbijn & Midori Tsukagoshi
=+ a tissue for protection between CD and booklets