About Depmod

Depmod.com is an unofficial fan-based Depeche Mode discography, and it does not pretend to represent the views of Depeche Mode or their related members, their labels, or anyone formerly associated in any way with the band.

The discography it’s getting bigger and bigger all the time and I think it’s the largest online Depeche Mode discography. With more than 7200 variations and 32000 images probably the largest discography for any band in the world!

I started to work on the database back in spring 1998, because I wanted a list with my own collection. Especially as a help for finding the cds in the Strike serie (bootlegs) that I was missing. Of course it was useful to see those lists online so I started uploading the list to a website in 1999.

After one year I decided to get my own domain and in February 2000 I registered www.depmod.com, because I wanted a short name that was clearly connected to Depeche Mode. In 2000 I was also hosting lists with collections for Jan Forsberg (also known as PJRED, because of his famous Person Jesus 7″ on red vinyl) and Pascal Kaszczyk’s huge collection. So back in 2000 depmod.com was hosting 3 online collections and a small shop where I was selling my doubles. Jan has now sold his collection and it’s no longer online and Pascal has now stopped collecting and he has also been selling parts of his collection.

With all the new stuff coming in the spring of 2001, there wasn’t a Depeche Mode site listing all the new items. Many fake bootlegs were hitting eBay, so I started to list all official items as fast as they were released. And from the mails I received back then, I know many collectors were using the site to awoid spending their money on buying fake bootlegs.

After the hype was over in 2001 the site was down for a period, but many people told me it was very useful and asked me to continue with it. So after a while I re-launched the site and this time with older releases too. As a start showing the items from my own collection only. Then it was a real discography (but far from complete). Zambaks’ Collectors Reference was and still is a fantastic tool, but unfortunately it didn’t contain any images of the items.

The site became really alive in May 2002 when the forum was launched. Until then there wasn’t a place for collectors to talk about trainspotting details. Short after Vlad offered his help and he became the main moderator of the forum. Due to Vlad fantastic friendly and helpful personality the forum soon became the place where many collectors are in daily contact with other collectors. Besides all the collectors talk, it’s also a great pleasure to see who the members (depmoids) sometimes arrange small meetings in real life.

Due to the success of the site, the bandwidth use exploded, and I had to find new hosting company. The combination of the need of many MB of disk use and free bandwidth wasn’t easy to find cheap without banners. The problem was getting bigger and bigger until I was contacted by Amigo. He was at that time a part of the modesite.net team (now depeche-mode.com, the leading DM fan site) and he liked Depmod.com so much that he offered to host the site on his servers. Early 2003 the site moved to Amigos server, and I don’t think the site would have been here today if it wasn’t for Amigo’s kindness. In 2008 a friend of Amigo took over the hosting job but in 2009 depmod was removed to a more professional hosting compagny.

Since 2002 we are regular to hold contests on our Collectors Forum, we try to arrange great prizes and always please our visitors. Due to some great collaborations these contests became more interesting and surprising. We are very thankful to our contests sponsors and looking forward for more great moments on site. Contests held previously two times a year, then, there was decided to have a X-mas contest only, which is regularly starts at the 1st of December. Be sure to check it out.

In 2005, after 6 month of preparations, we have issued a limited quantity of Depmod T-shirts (100 pcs.) and Jackets (20 pcs). All merchandise have been sold out among registered members of the forum. 9 of the T-shirts have been presented to the Depeche Mode, Alan Wilder, Anton Corbijn and Band management.

The 1st official Depmod convention was held in Dusseldorf, Germany in January 2006. About 50-60 depmoids came along and got a special depmod gift, a keychain with depmod logo and dates of convention. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it myself due to heavy snow in Denmark. But after this convention the forum members became more and more like a big family and many friendships were made along us.

In 2008 Vlad needed help with moderating the forum and we were very lucky that Alex Picha wanted to help us. He is now permanent member of the Depmod team.

The 2nd official Depmod Convention took place 9/6-2009 in Berlin the day before DM was playing at the Olympic Station for 60.000 fans. The “Convention Of The Universe” was arranged in cooperation with Dennis from Blackswarm.de and was a big success with many depmoids from all over Europe and had Nitzer Ebb and De/Vision playing live on stage. A new Depmod T-shirt and cap were represented and sold at the convention for the first time. Many of the depmoids stayed at the same hotel and all spend some great time together in Berlin.

To be continued …..

Lars Worm Beck

April 2016

Since 2009 we have faced very difficult period with not regular site updates, Lars have been less and less available for the site and its needs. Julien Rogé and Thomas Köckeis, we very kind and loyal to Depmod and enormously dedicated during the years, we have welcomed them to the Depmod Team and since then we are working together. Stephen Cox have joined us approximately same period and took the leading role in the technical aspects.

“The Projects” idea lead us since 2006 (Basic idea of Alex Picha to involve boardies into site updates) and the actual portion of forum was dedicated for the masses to update the missing data on discography!

Even than it did not help the situation with updates and at some point “projects” have become an appendix to the discography, which was very inconvenient to browse. As a “bridge” from main site to “The Projects” Stephen Cox have programmed and lunched “Depmod Projects” website, which is now offline. The one had to be used for Depmod Team updates but after some time we understood that even with team of 5 people, we could not do it, everyone of us have had own reasons for that. During the years we have tried to lift the site with updates and waited for the miracle to come, which never did.

Many of site visitors lifted to the other online sources, but we still did have a hope for “one day to come”. We have tried the keep up with site activities and was always moving forward keeping the site traditions: contests, meet ups, merchandise etc. “Things must change, we must rearrange them ” Changes had to take part at certain point, and I have always believed in that, and been positive, tried to share my mood with all team and visitors.

I do remember the day after “Energetic” contest (HERE) have finished, Sven Gerlach contacted me with regards of site update and management. It took some time to evaluate this initiative and widely think about. After some background work, I was Blessed by Lars Worm Beck, to go on and maintain the site without him, and Sven was appointed to a new Depmod webmaster, programmer and all what is connected to this hard and unique task. I was very happy to represent Sven to the rest of the Team, specifying the outstanding qualities of his, and how we are lucky to have him on-board! Having the wide spectrum of abilities in Depmod Team, we were definitely were missing someone which very strong devotion and dedication for Depmod and Collecting and for sure unique personality – Jose Comin, who joined Depmod Team right after Sven did.

It was unbelievable huge moment when Sven have done first updates on Depmod since Lars one, we were all thirsty for news in this direction. Since ever after, Sven implements updates on regular basis and exploring the Home-Made-In-Danish-By-Lars software. Since the updates kick, Sven have accomplished the biggest “Projects” part and working on new submissions as they have been applied.

In order to celebrate the 15 years of being online Internationally (So-called “Depmod Collectors Community”) we have finally moved to a new forum software and updated “ever-black” site theme.

During the years we have been helped by uncountable times by our friends all around the world, it would be inaccurate to put here names, I just afraid I miss someone. Thanking from the bottom of my heart all Depmod Supporters, Past Present and Future, all who believed and trusted in us, making our site the very best of its kind on worldwide web.

To be continued …..

Vlad Jonathan Lee

May 2019

It is now time for a new design. The transition from old to new design will take some time – but we started. A lot of work has to be done with nearly 6000 items = pages to be transferred. The back-end has to be set-up completely new as well, which will be a challenge.

January 2020

Transfer is done – all pages are with the new design. There are pro & con on the design which are appreciated and well taken to move on for further development.

To be continued …..

Sven Gerlach

June 2021

As the new design has been implemented with some flows on mobile devices and lack of some features, we were always keeping in mind that we’d like something more effective and unique. We were holding our breath to spit out the idea of “Depmod Version 3”.

We were not ready for that step yet and still were hoping that we could manage DB in other way than it was always been handled. At one point, we were unable to use the software Depmod uses for updates and management and we were stuck. No more updates were possible ever since. We had to make a strategic decision about future of Depmod: whether to have a virtual museum or make a complete new website from dead Zero. We always had in our minds that Depmod Worldwide community deserves best and we could not go just for something easy.

It took a few months to sum up all Pro and Cons, and find a proper programmer who would make it all right, as per our needs. Sven have found Germany based programmer/designer as the best way to handle and manage the site building process. Quote was fair enough, but anyway we could not handle it by our own forces. We have decided to go for a Campaign of crowdfunding, where we could sell site merchandize and accept donations for our needs. Shortly as December 2020 started we have launched the Campaign were we offered old site merchandize along with some new exclusive pieces.

During few months we have collected all of the required funds and even a bit over it. It was truly magic moment to see how our call for help was accepted by many Depmod Community Members.

Taking this moment, we would like to thank all who took part in this challenge:

Stefan Bachmann, Noel Draper, Thomas Bienmuller, Fredrik Store, Ronze, Thomas Dörnte, Tony Brenton, Stephen Cox, Bruno Bichbois, Carsten CPR, Jens Kasten, Norbert, Luca Urbani, Rikard Zetterberg, Gaspard Thaller, Kevin, Carl Wilson, Peter Degn, Thomas Bastian, Seb Dezso, Daniel Dobbs, David Belis, Hagen Eltzsch, Andras Varsanyi, Roman Belosic, Jan Hritz, Thomas Kockeis, Andras Varsanyi, Betina Rasmussen, Henrik Glassow Nielsen, Shinji, Jean-Marie, Henrik Strafstom, Nazareth, Jost Görig, György László Bakai.

Hopefully we have not missed anyone and if yes, we are asking you to inform us, all the Depmod V3 heroes are have to be known!

As soon as we have had all required funds, Sven started to work tightly with future site programmer. It was very important to start with all data on hand, all requests and requirements we’ve been looking for on Depmod, nothing should be missed. Sven did unique, one of a kind site planning and mapping, to make the other party have all tools in hands for best work.

After a few months we have had first previews which led to prosper process and site construction continuation. Raph Masse has been aside with us to prepare logos. We are appreciating his endless support.

We are scheduling to have a Beta launch of the site on 01 of July 2021.

A must mentioning, that our long time friend and collaborator: Shinji, has joined the Team as Content Editor. With his skills and brilliancy of implementation we have all data intact and shiny! Thank you!

Vlad Jonathan Lee

  • February 2023

    08.02.2023 The Founder of Depmod.com, Lars Worm Beck has passed away. Depmod Community sends sincere condolences to Beck’s Family. RIP Dear Friend.