Greece Greece


  • MC
  • 19-03-1990
  • 7 Song(s)
  • 27m 13s

General Info

Original Release Date: 19-03-1990

  • Promo



The story behind this (from a person with contact to Virgin Greece):
It is an OFFICIAL VIRGIN promo tape, but the person who made the compilation place instead the radio mix of dangerour the bootleg ADDICTION MIx by mistake! Virgin sent it to a few journalists and to MUTE of course among others MUTE informed that this mix is not approved and VIRGIN destroyed all the rest tapes. There are of these less than 25. The funny is that this tape sent out 4 months before VIOLATOR release!.
Webmaster: If that story is true, shouldn't the sleeve list Waiting For The Night To Fall, rather than "Waiting For The Night"? Got mails saying this a a bootleg. I don't know, judge youself.