Enjoy The Silence

Copymasters 10-trk Promo cassette

  • MC
  • 05-02-1990
  • 10 Song(s)
  • 47m 12s

General Info

Original Release Date: 05-02-1990

  • Promo


Side A is the tracks from the 7" (Bong18) and 12" (12Bong18), side B is the tracks from limited 12" (L12Bong18). This tape has a track-list error, as per owner: The shortened Enjoy The Silence F.K. 12" mix listed at 5.52 actually plays the Enjoy The Silence F.K. Dub at 5.43 instead. It seems that the Dub is played twice and incorrectly labeled as the 12" mix with an incorrect time.