It’s No Good


  • 12"
  • 31-03-1997
  • 3 Song(s)
  • 20m 47s

General Info

Original Release Date: 31-03-1997

  • Promo


Variation / Barcode / Matrix

  • Variation 1

    White die-cut sleeve.


    Matrix Code Mould Sid Code Mastering Sid Code
    1 PL 12 BONG 26 A Guy David THE EXCHANGE DMM
    2 PL 12 BONG 26 B


This is a real Mute promo (confirmed by Mute), but there are bootleg copies available too. The real promo comes in white standard sleeve, the bootleg in a black sleeve. The real promo has deeper matrix writtings and better sound quality. The real one has an extra circle near the center (see the image to compare) and the text seems to be a little lower on the label.
The Club 69 Future Mix is a special UK Vinyl Edit.