• 2xLP
  • 19-03-1990
  • 9 Song(s)
  • 46m 17s

General Info

Original Release Date: 19-03-1990

  • Promo
  • Testpressing



Double Copper Master Plate, each one is housed in separate custom made company envelope. Signed by the band. Here is a short story behind the item from the submitter: Copper 1-sided master plates for Violator which I got signed by the band during the Devotional tour. I was lucky enough to meet them backstage after winning a radio contest. It was a meet-and-greet session before the concert. There were about 15-20 other fans and they made us all line up in a U shape so the band could come out, sign things and leave. I brought just the cardboard sleeve for side-1 with me to get signed. Dave came out first, just signed the front cover and said nothing. Alan was next and he asked what I was holding. I told him that it was the cover for Violator master plates. He asked where I got them and I told him I got them from someone at Warner Brothers. He said "oh", signed them and moved on to the next person in line. Then Martin came out and asked what he was signing and I told him the same thing. He then said, "I am going to have to confiscate this." For a second I though he was serious but then he smiled, signed it and handed it back to me. Next was Andy and he just signed it without saying anything.