Wagging Tongue

12" Limited Edition Pressing, Individually Numbered

  • 12"
  • 15-12-2023
  • 3 Song(s)
  • 15m 56s

General Info

Original Release Date: 15-12-2023


Variation / Barcode / Matrix

  • Variation 1

    Barcode: 1 96588 48151 2

    Matrix Code Mould Sid Code Mastering Sid Code
    1 Kr SST 19658848151 A -62965-I
    2 Kr SST -62965-I 19658848151 B


From Official Shop page:
  • The second of the Momento Mori White Label Remix Series, Wagging Tongue (Remixes) will arrive December 15th, 2023. These LIMITED EDITION 12" pressings are individually numbered, and EXCLUSIVE to the Depeche Mode on-line store.
Note by Depmod: Depeche Mode store did not have exclusive offer as it was stated, many online stores online offered it for sale.